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TakE the Guesswork out of Menus

The CNMI Nutrition Council, in partnership with the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation, manages the Biba Healthy Restaurant Program to encourage local restaurants to offer fresh, clearly-marked healthy menu options. Through this effort, we hope to make the healthy choice the easy choice for CNMI restaurant patrons. In return for participation, restaurants receive free Biba marketing materials, publicity and advertising through project outreach efforts.  


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The CNMI Healthy Restaurant Project strives to ensure access to healthy food and beverage choices from CNMI restaurants and caterers.  We have developed nutrition guidelines for restaurants and caterers to ensure healthy choices are available for CNMI families when eating outside the home.



The Healthy Restaurant Project is based on the following food principles:


  • Include more fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and high-fiber foods

  • Encourage the use of locally-grown or produced foods

  • Emphasize whole and fresh ingredients, prepared with less sodium and sugar, and fewer processed and pre-packaged items 

  • Prepare foods with healthy fats, less saturated fat and minimal trans fats

  • Use lean sources of protein  

  • Provide healthy portion sizes (small to moderate) 

“Being able to make healthy food choices is dependent on what is available, what can be afforded, cultural practices and the relevant knowledge.”


-WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific


Watch the video to learn more about the Biba Healthy Restaurant Program and how you can make home cooking healthier too. 

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